Luxury Lighting Los Angeles: Why Shadows Reigns Supreme

It’s little secret that “luxury” and “Los Angeles” are synonymous. What’s less known is that one of the best ways to exude LA quality elegance in your home space is through the addition of custom lighting designs. While your options between custom lighting brands are guaranteed to be extensive enough to match your style, there’s only one SoCal retailer who can provide them at the right price, exactly when and where you need them, and that’s Shadows Design.

Our Process

With over twenty years combined experience creating sophisticated and well-lit sanctuaries for clients all over Los Angeles, our team of designers and consultants know how to maximize aesthetics without compromising on functionality or privacy. We provide support at every step of the way to help you choose the right look for your commercial or residential property. Unlike many of our competitors, we engage in a rigorous process that helps us better understand the particular needs and visions of all our clients.

This process consists of three phases:


We begin every project by addressing the most important and unique aspect of it: you. This means getting a sense of your preferred lighting style and spatial sensibilities, your needs and accommodations. The goal here is to ensure that our designs and engineering suggestions interact with your home as seamlessly as possible and provide the ultimate in illuminatory sophistication and chic.


Once we feel confident that we have created a comprehensive picture of your lighting design goals, we get to planning. We will guide you through our suggestions for kinds of fixtures, tints, positions, and layerings, all customized to adhere to your particular taste. We’ll discuss the respective benefits of LED, fluorescent, and incandescent lighting to make your home efficient, comfortable, and beautiful. We will share our thoughts for automated solutions such as smart control systems that monitor the quality of light in your home throughout the day. Most importantly, we will complete this phase with your budgetary considerations at the forefront of every decision you make, so our final pitch will be affordable.


The final part in our process is to “construct”. We source the necessary hardware from the LA area’s top lighting design companies, such as Lutron, so your custom design will be constructed with the finest lighting components available.

While most of our services end once a project is complete, our relationship with the customer does not. Whether it’s a follow-up to address any questions or concerns, to offer tips on accenting new additions to your home, or just say hello, we’re here until the lights go out.

Shadows Design Is LA’s Top Lighting Designer and Installer

Considering a custom lighting scheme to complete your Los Angeles look? Shadows Design can transform your dwelling into a home fit for a king. Choosing from a range of luxurious fixtures and to integrated automation hubs, our expert team of designers and engineers blend a love of art and technology to make dream homes a reality.

Ready for yours? It starts with a phone call. Dial 310.467.6233 or fill out our form for a free consultation and quote.


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With 20 years of experience combined and personal dedication for each and every one of our client’s projects, we’ve provided high-quality service to all of our clients and as we grow, our commitment to your needs remains the key driving force behind our company.

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