Custom Lighting Los Angeles: 5 Custom Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Overlooked as it often is, lighting is hands down one of the most important elements in Los Angeles home design. Minor tweaks in lighting schemes can dramatically shift the ambiance of any room.

Light can make a room playful, tranquil, or classy, all with the flip of a switch or slide of a dimmer.

Both aesthetic and functional, proper illumination can help colors pop, smooth out edges and rough contours, and make stylish details shine at just the right times.

Of course, outfitting your house with the right custom lighting arrangement requires some knowledge of what’s available. Given how extensive your options are, we figured we’d provide you a head start and share five of our favorite lighting ideas certain to complement just about any LA chic.

Multiple Pendant Fixtures Inside Or Outside

One great benefit to pendant light fixtures is that they free up room, which is why they are so common above space-deprived areas like kitchen islands and countertops. However, by no means do pendant fixtures need to be confined to cooking areas alone. Pendant fixtures can be stylishly spaced and threaded through your dwelling, from outside verandas to your bedside, and easily adjusted from nearly anywhere on the grounds via highly sophisticated custom lighting automation controls.

Illuminating Stairways and Walkways At Their Base

Functionally, lighting is key for parts of the house that are commonly traversed and could be dangerous to pass through in the dark. Aesthetically, this often means illuminating these spaces from overhead. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this choice, it can sometimes be at the expense of bolder and more elegant designs––such as custom lighting stairs and hallways from their bases. Doing so can help to better accentuate the shapes and dimensions of the spaces, along with the materials used to build it.

Chandeliers In Unexpected Places

Generally, chandeliers are thought to be best placed in grand, spacious parts of the house. While we don’t disagree, we also don’t think those are the only rooms they belong in. Placed above your bathtub, your bed, or even above your patio furniture on the veranda, a chandelier can transform just about any space into an elegant and luxurious dwelling.

LED Wonderland

Combine their beautiful, soft, and warm light with their energy efficiency and renowned lifespan, and there’s a reason LED bulbs are ideal for any Los Angeles home custom lighting scheme. They can be installed overhead, along walls, into shelving, at the edge of baseboards, and among outdoor landscapes, to give anywhere in your home a gentle yet sophisticated ambiance.

Layered Lighting

Ideally, whatever way you choose to arrange your custom lighting, you consider using a variety of different fixtures, shapes, and orientations that help to blend the three main types of light: task, accent, and ambient . This method is known as “layered lighting”. In practice, this might look like using ceiling, floor, or wall fixtures to complement, curtail, or combine with natural light that has been allowed in through the right window coverings. Done properly, layered lighting can help bring any room to life by balancing functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Illuminate Your Creative Side With Shadows Design

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