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Efficient Programming

ARCTM technology allows you to use your smartphone app for remote-free motor setup, no need for a handheld remote. ARCTM makes it easy to connect, configuring and readjust settings for your motorization system using the Setup Wizard guiding you through the installation process. Some functions include Limit Setting, Favorite Shade Position and three Speed Settings. The Leveling Control allows precise positions of multiple shades to ensure perfect alignment and configuration.
Pulse 2 App
Pulse 2 Hub
Push Remote
Surface Mount Switch
Wall Switch
Paradigm Remote
Bi-directional Communication
Two-way radio control gives you immediate feedback showing shade positions and motor battery health relayed via the smartphone app. Not looking at the app? A notification will alert you if a motor requires recharging.


Health Status


Animation Feedback



1 Remote

for your ARCTM motors

3 in 1 Solution

Bi-directional Communication
The Automate AX30 and AX50 motors expand your ability to motorize the biggest outdoor shading systems in the market with the category leading Automate experience. With a focus on safety, all our exterior motors feature obstacle detection technology which immediately stops the shade from running once an obstruction is sensed in the path of travel.
Eco-Friendly Accessories
The exterior motors are also compatible with Automate’s solar powered Sun & Wind Sensor as well as our battery powered Motion Sensor. With these sensors, your exterior systems can move autonomously to avoid damage caused during adverse weather conditions.
Extreme Lifting Capabilities
The motors boast some of the strongest lifting capacity in the market, offering up to 50Nm of torque.
Battery Powered Charging Made Easy
Newest to the Automate accessories is the Magnet Charger to easily recharge all li-ion battery motors. Simply leave one end connected to the charging port of the motor and when it’s time to recharge, a magnet connects the power adapter eliminating the need for a ladder.
Alexa open my blinds
The new Alexa blind skill means you can now control your shade using more naturally spoken language-Simply ask Alexa to move your ‘blinds’. The Alexa app also allows you to group by room- so you could say “Alexa, open bedroom blinds” and it will autonomously open all the shades within that room.
With 20 years of experience combined and personal dedication for each and every one of our client’s projects, we’ve provided high-quality service to all of our clients and as we grow, our commitment to your needs remains the key driving force behind our company.

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