Don’t Settle for Store-Bought Window Panels! 4 Reasons Why

At Shadows Design Inc., we know how real the temptation is when it comes to certain products. After all, some things truly are worth the convenience of pre-packaged, add-to-cart formats. In the case of window panels, however, the truth could not be any more different. Simply put, store-bought brands and styles are rarely, if ever, worth the money you’ll save, and here are four reasons why.

The Quality of the Material Is Poor

No matter where you purchase ready-made, mass-produced drapery panels, the quality will never match that of luxury craftsmanship. It’s quite common for store-bought panels to arrive pulled, frayed at the edges, and puckered in ways that not even an iron can remedy.

In addition, store-bought panels are not usually lined. Lining on panels can help prevent fading as caused by sun exposure, and works to help the drapery hang and settle rather than fly away at the ends.

On the other hand, custom panels are guaranteed to be manufactured from the finest fabrics available whether velvet, linen, cotton, or anything else.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Contrary to popular belief, installing ready-made window panels is not always easy because they do not always fit the windows they will be used on. Windows come in a range of custom shapes and sizes. Your choice of paneling should reflect this.

Custom panels offer you the ability to get curtains specifically made to fit the space you need them, without the fuss of having to make do with the only available standard sizes.

Selection Is Limited

When you enter a window paneling and drapery store, what you see is what you get. If your preferred styles or sizes are not in stock or aren’t sold there, then you’re out of luck.

All too often, this can lead individuals to buy and piece together multiple panels, a makeshift fix that often looks unprofessional and lacks functionality. Furthermore, it’s increasingly rare that drapery stores carry specialized varieties of paneling, such as black-out curtains or energy efficient cellular designs.

With custom drapes, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to options of fabric, patterning, color, and dimensions

Automation Is Not Available

When you purchase store-bought panels, you’re all but guaranteeing that you’ll need to adjust them manually and by hand. Few to no ready-made products come with motorization features, and attempting to have them customized for automation is likely to be more expensive than just working with a local luxury window covering dealer to provide your home with smart solutions.

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