4 Hollywood-Inspired Window Panel Curtain Ideas

Have you wondered how much it would take to transform your house into a home fit for a Hollywood headliner? The plain and simple answer is: not a lot!

We’re serious. We can’t even begin to share the number of times we’ve seen an LA home stylistically elevated with the simple addition of custom-made window panel curtains.

With that in mind, here are Shadows Design Inc.’s four favorite Hollywood-inspired curtain ideas sure to bring out the red carpet — rhetorical or not — in any dwelling.

1. Roman Curtains

Designed with royalty in mind, roman curtains have been adorning window panels far and wide for nearly two centuries. They’ve remained an industry standard that offers a fusion of aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Romans give off a clean, minimal look that can be both highlighted by high contrast color schemes. Best of all, Roman’s are as effective at controlling temperature and light as many of their counterparts, so your home will remain cool and comfortable while guaranteed to turn heads.

2. Blackout Curtains

Few window panel treatments are as popular in Los Angeles as blackout. They offer the most in temperature and light control and provide the kind of privacy fit for a celebrity. Our blackout curtains can be tailored to custom-suit just about any window, style, and vibe. They can even be linked up to automated smart home solutions that allow the curtains to adjust on a schedule.

3. Skylight Curtains

All too often, our clients focus so much on side paneling and wall windows that they forget about the ceiling. In fact, many contemporary LA dwellings are outfitted with skylights to help capture and utilize the warmth and sunlight that the City of Angels is known for, so skylight curtains are, in many ways, an award-winning architectural feat that unexpectedly fuse art and technology.

Shadows Design Inc.’s catalogue of skylight curtains are designed for installation in areas that are difficult to reach and can be customized for ease of use with motorization.

4. Motorized Curtains

If you’re looking to leave your guests truly star-struck, motorized curtains on your window panels are the way to do it. Brands like Lutron and Somfy offer state of the art automation systems that allow you to perfectly and quietly adjust window coverings from a smart device, all with the touch of a button. Motorized curtains can also be pre-programmed to adjust according to changes in temperature, light, and time. Simply put, automated shades are the way of the future, and in our opinion, worthy of an award.

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