Los Angeles Window Shades: 4 Styles That Scream “LA!”

Los Angeles may scream “style,” but not all styles scream “Los Angeles.” Thankfully, at Shadows Design, knowing the perfect window shades to match LA’s prestige is our niché. We provide the best in form and function for any luxury window treatment and have our products hand-tailored to meet your specifications.

Not sure what those specifications are? No problem. To help you get a running start, we’ve compiled 4 on-trend shading solution styles we think are beautiful, practical, and above all, absolutely “LA.”

Blackout Shades

Few cities are as perfect for blackout shades and blinds as The City of Angels. Hot, sunny weather year-round means that a cool, comfortable living environment is simply a must. Whether you work nights and need the day to sleep or simply prefer a dimmer atmosphere indoors, a blackout solution is a great way to enhance the functionality of any room without compromising on style.

Blackout Shades

At the height of Rome’s renown, its citizens would adorn and drape their dwellings with ornate cloth, both to keep dust and heat from entering and as a symbol of taste and status. We can think of almost no better place to uphold this tradition than in Los Angeles. With their slightly understated but highly varying designs, Roman shades are the ideal LA way to blend sophistication with subtlety day and night, rain or shine.

Hobbled Roman Shades

For the discerning Los Angeles resident that’s looking to create a textural wonderland of their living space, hobbled window shades are ideal because of their waterfall-like shape and the soft but defined rippling effect that they create. Hobbled shades are easily adjusted to stack neatly, either with a motor or with hand-on methods such as a cord or a knob.

Outdoor Shades

Outdoor shades are fast becoming one of LA’s hottest new trends in a window treatment. And for good reason. A set of custom shades designed for outdoor use can softly transform any yard or veranda into the perfect place for relaxation or entertainment, even during the hottest parts of the day. Outdoor shades can be motorized for ease of use and hands-free operation, or they can be designed with manual operating mechanisms, for a more traditional quality.

Woven Shades

The natural aesthetic conditions of woven shades make them an ideal addition to any room’s atmosphere. Even better, they can be tailored from a variety of different organic materials to provide an earthy and diffuse elegance to your home. Like other shades, woven shades can be customized with automation capabilities or designed to be manual.

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