Exploring the Best kinds of Motorized Window Shades Los Angeles

With nearly 365 days of sun and temperatures that rarely dip below 70° Fahrenheit, Los Angeles is the perfect place to consider purchasing a set of world-class motorized shades.

Whether you’d like to give your house a calm and cool atmosphere midday, save on energy, or any combination of these two or more, Shadows Design Inc. is your go-to. We are the premier motorized window shades Los Angeles service providers throughout the SoCal region.

Our motorized window treatments are custom designed to integrate perfect light and temperature control with an aesthetic appeal that only high-end design schemes can offer.

What Are ‘Motorized Shades’?

We often get asked about the difference between motorized shades and analog window covering systems, so before we explore further, let’s clear this up.

Traditionally, most window covers, whether generic or custom, require a certain amount of hands-on adjustment in order to be raised and lowered, adjusted at slat levels, and used to control light and heat exposure. In many cases, the mechanism is a pull cord, though knobs and clasps and switches are also used.

As their name suggests, motorized shades are adjusted via a motor mechanism that moves the shades so you don’t have to. In essence, these shades are remotely controlled through a wire panel that can be subtly placed anywhere in a room and made to look natural. This control panel can be triggered manually through a remote or program to automatically adjust shade positioning at any time of day. Best of all, motorized systems are famously precise and remarkably quiet, so whether you’re looking to take a nap or simply impress your guests, you’ll find both as easy as the touch of a button.

LA’s Top Motorized Shade Brands

LA is a big place, and attempting to locate the best motorized shades on foot (or even by car) is a task fit for only the most stubborn. That’s why we’ve streamlined the process and shared our favorite brands below.


Somfy provides one of the best motorized window shades Los Angeles has to offer. Whether curtains, blinds, or shades, Somfy’s motorized systems can be outfitted with sun sensors and timers. Moreover, they are easily custom tailored to fit just about any aesthetic, making them one of the most modern and modish options on the market.


There’s a reason that ‘Lutron’ has become synonymous with ‘versatility’— they have a catalogue of motorized window covering systems diverse enough to suit an ornate bungalow in Malibu or an austere compound up in Hollywood Hills. Their QS system is famously quiet and provides 24 hour control over light exposure and temperature.

Hunter Douglass

When it comes to motorized shades, Hunter Douglass is an industry leader. Their products are remarkably user-friendly and designed with customization in mind. In addition, they are fade and moisture resistant, meaning they are guaranteed to last a lifetime or more.

Get The Best Motorized Window Shades Los Angeles Has to Offer With Shadows Design Inc.

Looking to live the Los Angeles dream? Shadows Design Inc. can transform your home into a high-tech palace worthy of royalty. From hand-crafted, ultra-lux window coverings to integrated automation hubs, Shadows Design fuses art, technology, and passion to make dream homes a reality.

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