3 Next-Generation Ways to Incorporate Automation Into Your Home

When it comes to home automation systems, few cities are as ahead of the curve as Los Angeles. Whether it’s a sleek set of motorized shades, remotely controlled lighting fixtures, one-touch wall panels, or anything else, LA homes are where technology and style meet. If you’re new to LA or automation, don’t worry–Shadows Design Inc has you covered.

Here are five ways to turn your home into a modern marvel worthy of the red carpet.

Motorized Blinds

Few home automation mechanisms scream “vogue” like a set of velvety blinds that expand and contract on a motor. Motorized shades can be programmed to adjust from a fraction of a degree to a full rotation so you have full control over:

  • The amount of natural light entering your home
  • The temperature of your living space
  • The degree of privacy you want, day or night.

Best of all, with Shadows, shading solutions like motorized blinds can be custom-tailored to perfectly coordinate with your sense of interior and exterior design.

Remote Lighting Controls

Lighting plays a fundamental role in the creation of ambiance in any dwelling. Nowhere is this truer than in the sunny City of Angels. By integrating an automated lighting system in your home, you’re given a passport to create scenic and sophisticated lighting schemes, natural or enhanced, in every room of your home, all with the touch of a button.

You can schedule an automated lighting system to respond to time, environment, and even motion, so every room in your house will always be illuminated with the perfect luster. Automated lighting is also great for enhancing security measures at your home, as a well-lit home is a burglary deterrent.

Automated Thermostat

Adding a smart thermostat to your home is a great way to ensure that every room stays the ideal temperature, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Forget about constantly adjusting the heat or air conditioner. You can even set an automated home thermostat to shift temperatures according to whether you are home or not. This means that if you go away on work or vacation, you won’t have to worry about the energy bills adding up.

Get Automation and Sophistication With Shadows Design

Shadows Design can transform your home so it’s a high-tech palace worthy of royalty. From hand-crafted, ultra-lux window coverings to integrated automation hubs, Shadows Design fuses art, technology, and passion to make dream homes a reality. Want to make your home royalty-ready? It starts with a phone call. Dial 310.467.6233 or fill out our form for a free consultation and quote.


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